About Us

We are a non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting transparent, accountable local government in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Candidate Forum

Good government is in everyone's interests.

Saint Paul STRONG does not take positions on issues. We support inclusive, transparent, and accountable public process.

While individual members of Saint Paul STRONG have diverse opinions and take personal positions on local issues, Saint Paul STRONG only advocates for good public process.

Our Six Principles for Strong Governance

We have identified six principles that form the core of our advocacy to improve the way local government works - safety, trust, responsible, open, neighborhoods, and generations.

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Strong Letters Grouped
Strong Scores Grouped


We regularly grade policies, process, and elected officials in Saint Paul, and assign a letter grade score. These form the basis of our annual Transparancy Report.

We apply consistent criteria to evaluate performance and outcomes against our six core principles.

Steering Committee

Our Steering Committee sets the overall direction for Saint Paul STRONG. Published articles and op-eds are reviewed by the entire Steering Committee and represent the position of the organization.

The committee meets monthly and welcomes guest observers. If you’d like to write a piece for us, attend a meeting, or serve on the Steering Committee, get in touch.

Saint Paul STRONG Steering Committee Alumni