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Saint Paul STRONGNov 29, 20228 min read

Your City May Be Illegally Assessing You for Routine Infrastructure Maintenance Source: Greg Rosenke/Unsplash. Charles Marohn of Strong Towns wrote this piece after the Minnesota Supreme Court — ruling on a lawsuit by Jack Hoeschler, a member of Saint Paul…

STRONG hosts city street assessment discussion

Tom CollinsAug 1, 20221 min read

STRONG hosts city street-assessment panel discussion

Tom CollinsJul 2, 20223 min read

Saint Paul STRONG will host an on-air panel discussion about the court decision to identify Right Of Way (ROW) street assessments as property taxes rather than special assessments.  The decision impacts all Saint Paul property owners – including non-profits. The…

What we’re hearing: Ideas to improve rent control in Saint Paul

Saint Paul STRONGApr 11, 20224 min read

With just over a month to go until Saint Paul’s controversial rent stabilization ordinance goes into effect, the path forward seems murkier than ever. The Mayor’s 41-member advisory panel might represent some opportunity to improve the ordinance and ensure it…

What is the mayor’s rent-control group doing? How will we know?

Andy DawkinsApr 1, 20224 min read

The longer St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter’s ad hoc Rent Stabilization Stakeholders Group meets the more confusing its deliberations become. Saint Paul STRONG (SPS) is concerned that recommendations to clarify the city’s new rent control ordinance will neither be effective…

Questions surround Mayor’s Rent Stabilization panel

John Mannillo and Andy DawkinsMar 5, 20224 min read

Saint Paul STRONG Media Alert After observing the first two meetings of Mayor Carter’s 41-member Rent Stabilization Stakeholders Group, Saint Paul STRONG (SPS) is concerned that it will neither be effective in (1) involving the public in this important discussion,…