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What should elections look like in a one-party town?

By David Greenwood-Sanchez, David Durenberger and Andy Dawkins September 15, 2021

This November, St. Paul will vote on who will lead the Capitol City for the next 4-years.  Seven candidates have thrown their hats into the ring to challenge incumbent Mayor Carter, all political outsiders who are not expected to present any threat to what should be a smooth re-election. This lack of electoral competition presents a …

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Politics trumps proper process in St. Paul

By Andrew Rorvig, Andy Dawkins and David Greenwood-Sanchez May 27, 2021

St. Paul has a strong mayor system of governance. But in a high-handed fashion the current mayor has decided, perhaps illegally, that his future campaign is more important than (a) what the law says, (b) what his Planning Commission recommended and (c) what the City Council decided. Neighborhood residents are up in arms. Mayor Melvin …

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Good Intentions no substitute for Authentic engagement East Side Pig’s Eye improvement plans

By David Greenwood-Sanchez, Tony Parrish and David Durenberger February 2, 2021

Plans to clean up Pig’s Eye Lake may be well meaning, but were drawn up without public consultation.

City cuts sweetheart deal with Madison Equities for Downtown real estate.

By Saint Paul Strong November 8, 2020
  • Plaza valued at $326,000 sells for $2,500
  • Closed door deal excludes oversight and competition.

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